Unrefined by Jessica Davey – A New Album

Hello! I have some news – I have released another album. Here it is:

Although I do have plans to add it to iTunes in the future, at the moment it is exclusively available on Bandcamp.

But the even-better news is, it’s free! Well, technically it’s “name your own price”, which is why when you visit the Bandcamp page there is a link to “buy” the album. Just put in £0 and it’s yours to download.

A little bit about this one:

  • I started writing it in Paisley, Scotland, and finished it in Shenzhen, China.
  • I made the whole thing on an iPad, no longer having access to a computer.
  • Despite this, I consider it my best work so far.

Head on over to my Bandcamp page to listen and/or download it for yourself.

(And if you’re interested in some of the inspiration behind the songs, check out this Pinterest board.)

New Album – Rain

Rain - Jessica Davey

So I’m back from Japan, and living in a flat by myself on the south side of Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. I’ve got mountains in the distance (often covered in snow), a cobblestone street (the taxi drivers HATE it), and 3 neighbour cats fighting for ownership of said street in the middle of the night. It’s wonderful.

As I was getting settled into single-life-with-no-flatmates, it occurred to me that there was nothing stopping me from putting out an album. I had songs–10 years’ worth that I hadn’t done much with. I had the equipment and a pretty good knowledge of how to use it. But suddenly I also had multiple rooms all to myself in which to make noise during the day.

“Rain” was the result of those element coming together. I decided purposefully to record only vocals and piano, unlike the more-involved production on my previous album, “The Moment”. If you were to visit one of my Glasgow gigs (and I sincerely hope you do!), this album is pretty much what you would hear, the only difference being that I don’t often perform with an electric piano, which I couldn’t resist using on a few tracks. The minimal production also kept me from adding and changing and reworking and scrapping and starting over until I was exhausted and had nothing to show for it. I worked my away around perfectionism.

As I mentioned above, the songs span about 10 years of songwriting. I have a lot of songs. It was fun to sift through my computer and discover things I’d forgotten I’d written. Each one took me back to a very particular time in my life. Of course, it was equally fun to discover some absolutely awful songs (somehow my songwriting assignments at university were always the worst). Maybe I’ll figure out something to do with those, too, someday.

Well. I guess that’s all I have to say. I hope that you will enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed making it.

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