I tried to cut back on coffee

…But was plunged into a black despair. I figured that was either because of the inherent futility of existence…or a lack of caffeine. 

Possibly both. And I can only fix one of them. ☕️ 

To London and back in 24 hours

So, when I came to Glasgow a couple of months ago, I left most of my things in a storage facility in Southwark, London. A few days ago it was time to finally go back for it.

My life, compressed into a 15ft storage unit.

I looked into having it shipped, but after someone quoted me £700, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went over and over the problem and came up with a solution – not a great one, but probably the simplest one – I would take a bus down to London, rent a car, and drive back up to Glasgow (North Lanarkshire, to be precise) the next day.  I planned to do the trip that quickly to save money, both on accommodation and the cost of the car rental.  Unfortunately it didn’t leave much time for sleep.
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