Hi! I’m Jessica Davey, and I design and build web content. 👋🏾

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As part of my work in digital marketing, I needed to quickly remove specific HTML tags from large sections of HTML code.


I created a JavaScript function to iterate through a list of tags and replace them with empty strings. I embedded this function into a simple web page to access it easily.

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Chant Counter


I needed a way to keep track of how many times I had chanted a mantra on a string of beads.


I created a mobile web app that functions as a counter and uses Local Storage to keep track of the number.

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Wayfarer Travel App

I designed a a desktop site and 3 app screens for a (fictional) travel company that markets to 21 to 30 year olds. This was my final project for the Designlab UX Academy Foundations course.

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Front End Web Developer

HCA Healthcare

Oct 2020 - present (May 2021)

I transform marketing copy into usable HTML code, making sure that it meets established best practices before publishing it to the content management system. This requires liaising with stakeholders at HCA facilities, making their requested final edits and advising on alternatives where necessary. I also use my design knowledge to ensure that elements such as buttons and videos are displayed on pages harmoniously, and in a consistent manner across HCA sites. Other duties include:

Digital Accessibility Specialist

HCA Healthcare

Feb - Apr 2020

I was a part of HCA’s initiative to build more accessible websites, making sure that the sites for all of their 1100+ properties met or exceeded WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines. I edited the HTML code within a content management system to bring websites up to agreed-upon standards. Some of my duties included:

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Jessica Davey

I never knew what I wanted to do when I grew up, but I spent a lot of time goofing off on the computer, writing HTML and simple programs in Visual Basic. 💾 Despite this early attraction, I completed a biology degree in Tacoma, WA, and a master’s in oceanography in La Jolla, CA. 🐬 And then I decided that what I really wanted to do was play music. 🎼🎤

This led me to achieving a degree in music at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts in Liverpool, England. 🇬🇧 It was the start of a long, tumultuous, and ultimately successful music career. I traveled the world as a piano vocalist and singer-songwriter. 🌎 Over 10 years, I performed at bars in Scotland, cruise ships in Australia, and hotels in Japan. ⛩ I even met a celebrity or two. 🌟

Eventually I came back to America and put away the rock-and-roll lifestyle. Remembering that I had enjoyed writing rudimentary code so much as a young person, I started learning web development. Through various books and on-line courses, I learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and SQL, including Object-Oriented Programming. 🖥 I was then hired by a large company in Nashville, TN where I publish web content in HTML, using a CMS. Recently I have been studying responsive web design, and creating high-fidelity wireframes and brand assets in Figma.

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E-mail: jessica [at] jessicadavey.com

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