Unrefined by Jessica Davey – A New Album

Hello! I have some news – I have released another album. Here it is:

Although I do have plans to add it to iTunes in the future, at the moment it is exclusively available on Bandcamp.

But the even-better news is, it’s free! Well, technically it’s “name your own price”, which is why when you visit the Bandcamp page there is a link to “buy” the album. Just put in £0 and it’s yours to download.

A little bit about this one:

  • I started writing it in Paisley, Scotland, and finished it in Shenzhen, China.
  • I made the whole thing on an iPad, no longer having access to a computer.
  • Despite this, I consider it my best work so far.

Head on over to my Bandcamp page to listen and/or download it for yourself.

(And if you’re interested in some of the inspiration behind the songs, check out this Pinterest board.)

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